iPhone Repair in Wichita Falls, TX

What are you up to? Are you in search of a new phone as your beloved piece of heart isn’t responding to you? Well, what if you could spend fewer dollars by fixing your phone instead of purchasing a new one and avoiding extravagance? And here’s the answer to all of your confusion – Welcome to our place for iPhone repair in Wichita Falls, TX.

Texoma Tech Solutions brings all of your repair worries to an end. We’re the #1 iPhone repair store in the town, providing high-end solutions for all iPhone repair services. We understand the panic and anxiety when a person is eagerly waiting for the cell phone to get fixed. Therefore, we take pride in providing fast, reliable, effective, and affordable repair jobs. Hit the Contact Us button and avail yourself of free quotes and further details.

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Find Out Your Desired iPhone Repair Service.

iPhone Repair Diagnostics

Is your iPhone acting up? Fret no more! Here, our expert technicians start the repair process by examining and identifying the cause of the problem. Next, we will inform you about the issue, its solution and the price quote. We will get your phone back up and running again!

Cracked Screen Replacement

iPhone broken screen repair is our premium service. Please get rid of being unable to navigate through the screen and revive your phone back to its normal condition. Our iPhone screen or ipad repair cost is the most competitive in the area.

Faulty Battery Replacement

Constant “low battery” notifications, more frequent discharge of juice than before, and not turning on are the symptoms of a faulty or old battery. You can gift a new life to your device by consulting us for budget-friendly iPhone battery replacement services.

Liquid Damage Repair

iPhones are water-resistant. However, water damage can still happen, leaving your device in a precarious state. If your iPhone or MacBook has taken an unexpected dive into a puddle toilet or encountered any liquid mishaps, don’t worry – we’re here to help.

Broken Back Glass Fix

A nasty fall can cause back glass damage. However, you don’t need to regret it. At Texoma Tech Solutions, we offer first-class iPhone back glass repair. Our technicians use premium quality repair and replacement parts in stock at an affordable cost.

iPhone Button Repair

When the buttons on your iPhone start freezing, it can be incredibly frustrating. The inconvenience of a non-responsive home button or a stubborn volume button can disrupt your daily routine. But don’t worry; we understand the importance of these tiny but vital components in your iPhone. Our iPhone button repair service is here to rescue you from these button-related woes.

One-Stop Wichita Falls, TX iPhone Repair Store – Why Us?

Your search for “iPhone repair near me” ends here! Texoma Tech Solutions is providing top-notch services for iPhone 14 series and others models repair in Wichita Falls, TX

repair in Wichita Falls, TX. What stands out is our professionalism, trust, and effectiveness.


Expert Services

Since 2016, we’ve been providing exceptional Wichita Falls, TX, iPhone repair services. Our commitment is to deliver trusted solutions with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Fast Turnaround

Delivering hassle-free services is our priority. Therefore, our team strives hard to do speedy work without compromising the quality.

Premium Quality Parts

We use the best quality repair and replacement parts in stock. No matter what iPhone model you want to fix, we’ve got you covered!

Competitive Pricing

Our quality repairs, quality parts, and professional services don’t let you break the bank. Therefore, our iPhone repair cost is the most affordable in the Wichita Falls market.

iPhone Common Repairs

Our Dedicated Team Of Repair Experts Are Always Available To Get Your iPhone Working Like Brand New

Front Glass Repair

Back Glass Repair

Charging Port Replacement

Speaker Replacement

Camera Replacement

Battery Replacement


I’m in Wichita Falls looking for iPhone repairs. Please suggest the best store.?

Look no further! Texoma Tech Solutions is your top choice for iPhone repairs in Wichita Falls. We’re known for our professionalism, trustworthiness, and speedy service. Your iPhone is in good hands with us!

Can you fix a broken iPhone charging port?

Absolutely! We specialize in iPhone repairs, including fixing broken charging ports. Bring your iPhone to us, and we’ll have it charging like new again in no time.

Why is my iPhone running slow?

There could be various reasons for a slow iPhone, such as too many apps running in the background or outdated software. Bring it to us for a diagnostic check, and we’ll identify the issue and provide a solution to get your iPhone running smoothly once more.

Why Our Customers Love Us


With us, you are guaranteed a professional, original quality repair. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction.


We strive to get your device back to its original condition in the shortest amount of time possible, without sacrificing quality.


We know price is a big factor in your decision to repair your device. We are fair in our pricing and stay competitive with the local market.


Our technicians love what they do. They have been servicing devices for years & have disassembly, diagnostic, replacement and reassembly down to a science.