Playstation Repairs in Wichita Falls, TX

With an amazing selection of games, the PlayStation is a fantastic console. However, they don’t last without issues. As playstations, especially PS4s, get older, more and more are experiencing complications. Our goal is to assist you. We enjoy transforming your worries into happiness. As soon as we could get our hands on your game controllers, we began to fix them. We have years of experience fixing PS and have invested in high-end tools and equipment to ensure the proper repair of your system. 
We can promptly and precisely fix any console that becomes an obstacle in your gaming adventure. We are skilled in repairing nearly every issue with a PS4 or any other model. We frequently receive systems that have been disassembled and for which there has been no successful repair, but we are known as the experts for PlayStation Repairs in Wichita Falls, TX; people come to us with their broken or malfunctioning devices to get them in proper working order.


PlayStation Faults We Fix

Hard Drive Repair

We can help if your disc drive isn’t reading discs, making strange noises, or won’t even accept the disc. It is not a significant issue as the parts on these devices begin to wear out as they age. No matter the problem, we provide fair cost estimates, so once we start working on your PlayStation Hard Drive repair, you won’t have to worry about further fees.

PlayStation Video Input Issue

When you plug in and give a command, it’s common to see a “No Signal” error or a blank screen. Fortunately, Texoma Tech Solutions staff has detailed knowledge about various reasons why a “No Signal” error might occur and how to resolve it efficiently. Our professionals will take care of your system and make it completely functional for you.

Does Not Turn On

Have your PS5 suddenly shut off while you were playing a video game and does not turn on? That is bothersome, but don’t worry; we can comfort you by identifying the issue and providing the appropriate solution. You have to do your homework only:

  • Keep patience.
  • Hold your gadget.
  • Come directly to our store.
  • Give it to us.
  • Rest assured.

Playstation Overheating Fix

We can fix your PS if it sounds like a jet engine, shuts off itself, or displays an overheating error. There are a number of factors that can lead to this kind of issue, but we can address almost all of them. We provide fast, affordable costs for this repair regardless of the underlying cause. We do everything necessary to make it run cooler once more. You have to trust us.

Water Damage Repair

Have you accidentally spilled liquid on your console? Is it unable to power on even after being dried, or does it freeze unexpectedly? Don’t get anxious; bring your machine to us for expert restoration. Our PlayStation water damage repair specialists have seen all the issues mentioned above and successfully resolved them, so you can count on us.

Diagnostic Services

Unaware of the issue with your gaming system and are not comfortable with DIY repairs. Don’t worry. We can fix a ton of PlayStation problems. Our procedure is simple yet effective. Our technicians will examine your device, assess the damage, and start fixing it. The whole Wichita Falls players are well aware of our PlayStation diagnostic services.

What Set Us Apart

Our clients adore the service we provide. Our motive is to offer excellent solutions at a competitive price, and we have succeeded. Let’s look into our qualities.


Reliability plus Professionalism

We believe honesty is the key to success. Therefore, we always practice reliability in our services so our customers are never disappointed. From start to end, you can see how professionally everything is carried out.


Having your beloved gadgets with you gives you a sense of contentment. Therefore, considering this fact, we will try our best to fix your controller as soon as possible so you no longer stay away from them.


Texoma Tech Solutions believes in providing the best possible value for our customers’ money. As a result, we offer a price match guarantee on all gaming console repair services. We are sure you will not find a lower price for your gaming system fix anywhere else.

Quality Repairs

We are confident in the quality of our repairs because of the utilization of top-notch replacement components, the latest tools, and innovative repair technologies.

Premium Care We Have for Your Playstation Repair

Keep your time, lose the issues – with our expert playstation repairs. Quality service you can count on!

HDMI Port Replacement

Blue Ray Drive

USB Port


Power Issues

Hard Drive Repair


Why should I choose Texoma Tech Solutions for gaming console repair?

You can access industry-leading engineers with extensive gadget repair knowledge and experience when choosing Texoma Tech Solutions. With our trustworthy repair services, we get the job done quickly.

If I got in a water-damaged console situation and could not find Playstation Repair near me, can you suggest any immediate actions?

  • To begin, turn off your gaming console.
  • Remove any visible water.
  • Position the console with the opening facing down to retrieve any trapped water.

After drying it, look for any irregularities. We encourage you to see our technical team as soon as possible because delays can lead to increased rust build-up and, thus, more defects.

Do you offer services other than PlayStation fixing? 

We repair and replace everything from laptops, computers, and tablets to Apple Watches. Data recovery, malware and virus removal, iPhone repair services, and a variety of other services are also available. Visit our website Texoma Tech Solutions for complete details. You can come to our store as well.

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